Friday, 23 December 2016

Steve Poltz

"Only few days ago , at I had the pleasure to meet this great artist , talk about music, some places in the world like Patagonia and Buenos Aires.
It was certainly a beautiful moment at the end of 2016 that I will never forget, a great show!!

Thanks Steve"

"You were surely kissed by angels
Look at the freckles on your face
You got the devil in your eyes
You disappear without a trail

I love everything about you"

Steve Poltz

Monday, 28 November 2016



Warned by Elves about the existence of a place of infinite beauty, I left, the path to my work without any sense of guilt. It gave me a melancholic joy seeing that Bus approaching the Stop. The same bus that took me to the beach thirty something years ago, that beach, my beach, the one of eternal summers.
Once in the Bus I was assaulted by the uncomfortable feeling of being the only passenger on. From the window, I could see my briefcase and my suit carelessly abandoned at the mercy of the wind.
A long Lonesome road took me by lagoons and swamps beyond the expected landscape and I felt the uncertainty of being lost in a mysterious world.  I was convinced that could not return from this journey and that for some unknown reason my life would not be the same.
Suddenly I find myself in the middle of the darkness of the night, the screech of brakes and the sound of the back door opened put me on alert, the driver in a bad mode announced that this was the last stop of the last bus of the day.
When I left the bus, despite walking by the most absolute darkness immediately I recognized the place, the cold sand on my feet, the immense black dunes in front of me and the sound of the sea were sufficient Guide to tell me the direction to follow.
When I reached the top of the dunes all became clear, a few white lines were distinguished between the darkness of the ocean, those waves of course were very familiar, it was my Old Town.
A lonely wooden beach house, displayed by the only window, colours of different flashing lights. The room was dark the lights from the window coming from a screen projection
As a flashlight impulse, I find myself transported inside the house where they were projecting a movie. Like an improvised amateur Cinema in which had a screen against the wall and a lot of chairs occupied except for one in the third row. I sit down and try to concentrate on the film showing Bruce Willis playing a young detective.
Sitting in the front I could identify Gustav, a great friend lost in time for 20 years, before joy and greetings others were turned, there were Claudia, Elizabeth, Ale and ‘El Gallo”. Not being able to contain my joy I start jumping chairs and hug them then I distinguish some more friends of those unforgettable summers.
Then someone taps my shoulder from behind and tells me: "man can you sit down, and lets us watch the movie in peace", that was Daniel was another lifelong friend. 

Suddenly, the film ends and a beard old man announces that a disaster of global magnitude has occurred and this small sector of the planet is the only non-affected area and because of the tragic events we were the only survivors

Far from the panic following the horrific news or the overwhelming feeling of sadness, the tragedy triggered a strange inner energy. In a matter of seconds we were absorbed by the intensity of the colour lights “disco style”.

At that time the song "Get Ready" of Rare Earth begun to play loudly trough the speakers and got us hysterically surrendered to the dance regardless of anything. 

Perhaps the consolation of at least all being together as in those golden days, made us react that way and forget the magnitude of the tragedy



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Monday, 7 November 2016



After the storm that hit my heart
You left in my backyard the perfume of your skin
and the glare that shone in this fandango
crystal blue sea of your eyes

my sadness need more tango

and this tango brings more pain
my only dream, is to see you again.

Look at me dying from your dart
The sad and lonely street of thorns
let me go without directions
aimlessly rather than cry

your cold indifference
is melting at sunrise
Your silence hurts so much, tell me why?

my life of misery has no end
I miss your kisses and your look
I am like a homeless” linyera”
 only this drink kills the pain
I bleed profusely, 
don’t turn away

my only dream, is to see you again.



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Sunday, 30 October 2016

MISSING YOU ( MUSIC : Jethro Tull - Songs From The Wood - Ian Anderson - 1977)


"I miss you above all
 I miss you with the dramatic force
 that the dry land
 miss the rain.

With the extreme desire,
 that only who love too much,
 could possible feel.
 Far across the field
 waiting for the bird
 to give me the signs   
 of your so long awaited arrival

 In the same way that the
 drifted wood, brought to the beach
 by the high tide, secretly hopes
 to become a tree.

Meanwhile the music hidden in the  wind collide
in the deep forest,
rocking the branches,

the sensitive irreverent poet
who mysteriously hide in the grove
willing to rescue their secret harmonies
of your so long awaited arrival
willing to rescue their secret harmonies
of your so long awaited arrival"



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Saturday, 22 October 2016



Falling in dreams

I am awake in the middle of the Valley of the dead

I had a bad feeling of losing all my keys,
Rhyming in reverse with verbs in Portuguese
moaning and singing a music from Lou Read
Ghosts of truth, recorded the momento
Nothing to see,
No hope, or destination
Sailing the Dead Sea no need justification
Frenetic Cruise, mysterious situation
I thought I was happy jumping from the room
Watching my weak body aiming for the moon
I saw your nickname on my new tattoo
Followed by words  that couldn’t  be true
Your signature behind the tears in blue
 Below in red ink “I ‘m crazy for you”
Seasonal love, superficial assistance
 Slowly into the sea I dive to no existence

Javier Miro


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Monday, 26 September 2016



Image result for tempestad

Rompe la tarde, en la playa la tormenta. Cede el calor y el viento brinda alivio
, limpio la arena seca de tu espalda. Beso tu cuerpo y los pies desnudan frio. 
Así fue como, a los primeros soplos de las borrascas,tu sexo pareció desbordar de proa a popa. Comenzó la tormenta, llueve copiosamente, bendición divina ufana y efímera,borrascas que nos suceden, tempestad afrodisiaca.

Ronda el destino de siesta postergada, truenos fugaces de sueño interrumpido,
Tregua sin ropas, torpezas y gemidos

Calma y fatiga en perfecto equilibrio 

Image result for recuerdos  de la borrasca

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Social Media: El drama del tango en el siglo XXI

Estaba escuchando un programa de radio donde la gente comentaba acerca de la tendencia de hacer o deshacer relaciones sentimentales a través de los medios electrónicos ,ya sea faceboock,mensajes telefónicos,twitter etc.
Había casos de parejas de 2 o 3 años que al despertar , encontraban el mensaje en el teléfono diciéndoles que ya no los querían.
Otros sin ningún mensaje o aviso encontraban las imágenes de su pareja en el Facebook con otra persona, anunciándole a su red social que incluye los amigos del abandonado /a su nuevo status sentimental.
Me quede pensando , que trágico! No hay café ni despedida, no hay oportunidad de tratar de reconciliarse. Pensé en una escena entre guapos en los viejos tiempos, en la cual no podrían ir hasta el boliche y encarar a la mina y decirle. CHE Perla que te anda pasando, que ya no me queres ,que tiene ese monigote que te lleno la cabeza? Te compro un vestido? No seas asi, venite para el bulin y tomamos unos mates .
O encarar al otro en cuestión, Che vos Rufino, dejala en paz a la Esthercita, que su corazón me pertenece.Veni pa fuera a ver si sos tan guapo para luchar por ella.
Me fui a dormir y me quede dando vueltas con la idea de toda esta gente atrapada en la vida virtual y la social media que perdieron la capacidad de confrontar a su pareja , y que solo pueden relacionarse a través de una computadora y una pantalla, hasta incluyendo su intimidad que tienen a través de la informática.
Me despierto con 2 frases como reflexión del inconsciente durante las horas de sueño: Social media , que tragedia….. Ayer te vi con otro en mi faceboock
No pude parar , línea tras línea salían y se encadenaban como un mandato. Salió en 15 minutos
La ejecución de la música combina mi voz y mi guitarra con la brillante performance de Panagyotis Karamanos de la orquesta de tango juvenil dependiente del conservatorio de Sydney en bandoneón

A continuación los comentarios del reconocido comentarista Abelardo Roldan Leroux de la revista” La Revue du vin de France” y del Blog” La verdad de los misterios permanentes”

Social Media

Introduce al tango el lenguaje y los términos de esta era computarizada , y social media dependiente, mientras mantiene el típico drama del amor perdido de un tango.
Por lo que tengo entendido sería un hito histórico en términos de la escritura en este género, a lo cual se le agrega otro hito en estos términos que es que en forma de metáfora  o figura se cita a un personaje de la imaginería del Rock Argentino. Sería la primera vez que el tango cita al rock argentino( se trata del Capitan Beto de la canción del mismo nombre del músico y compositor Luis Alberto Spinetta).L a última vez que se trató de innovar el lenguaje del tango fue en los 70’s por medio del gran letrista Horacio Ferrer recientemente fallecido.

“Abelardo Roldan Leroux: La Revue du vin de France

French wine magazine published by Groupe Le Music.

La version audio con mejor calidad de sonido se puede encontrar en:

Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Advertido por duendes acerca de la existencia de un lugar de una belleza infinita, abandone’, el camino hacia mi trabajo sin el menor sentido de culpa.
Me produjo una alegría melancólica ver acercarse aquel colectivo que me llevaba a la playa hace treinta y pico de años , a mi playa ,aquella de los veranos eternos.
Luego al subir me impregno’ la sensación incomoda de ser el único pasajero, en el colectivo, desde la ventana al alejarme de la parada podía ver mi maletín y mi traje a merced del viento.
Un largo camino solitario me llevo por lagunas y pantanales ajenos al paisaje esperado y sentí la preocupación de haberme perdido en un mundo distinto.
Me estaba convenciendo  de que de este destino no podría volver y que por alguna razón desconocida mi vida ya no sería la misma.
Rápidamente aparecí en una noche totalmente cerrada , el chirrido de los frenos y el ruido de la puerta de atrás al abrirse me pusieron en alerta, el chofer de mal modo indico’ que era la ultima parada, del ultimo autobús.
Al bajar, a pesar de estar caminando por la más absoluta oscuridad de inmediato reconocí el lugar, la arena fría  sobre mis pies , los médanos negros inmensos enfrente mío y el ruido del mar eran suficiente guía para indicarme la dirección a seguir.
Al llegar al tope del médano todo se hizo más claro, unas líneas blancas se distinguían entre  la negritud del océano ,eran las olas por supuesto, era mi pueblo.
Una pequeña casilla de madera desplegaba por la única ventana luces de colores de distinta intermitencia
Como por un impulso me transporto rápidamente adentro de la casilla en la cual había una pantalla contra la pared y un montón de sillas ocupadas excepto por una en la tercera fila. Me siento y trato de concentrarme en la película que mostraba a un joven Bruce Willis haciendo de detective.
En la silla de adelante pude identificar a Gustavito, un gran amigo que hacia 20 años que no veía, ante la alegría y los saludos otras personas se dieron vuelta, Ahí estaban la Tana, Claudia, Ale,El Gallo. Sin poder contener mi alegría empiezo a saltar sillas y a abrazarlos luego distingo a algunos más de aquel inolvidable grupo de los veranos.
En eso uno me palmea el hombro desde atrás y me dice : “Hombre  porque no se sienta, y nos deja ver la película en paz”, cuando me doy vuelta era Daniel otro amigo de toda la vida.De repente, el film termina y un senior de barba anuncia que ha ocurrido una catástrofe de magnitud mundial y este pequeño sector del planeta es la única área no afectada y que nosotros éramos los únicos sobrevivientes
Lejos de inundarnos algún tipo de sentimiento de tristeza nos absorbe la intensidad de las luces de colores estilo “disco” encendidas en ese mismo instante y con la música del tema “Apróntate” de Rare Eath nos pusimos histéricamente a bailar sin importarnos más nada.

Quizás el consuelo de al menos estar todos juntos como en aquellos dorados tiempos, nos hizo reaccionar de esa manera y olvidar la magnitud de la tragedia

Monday, 5 September 2016

Freddie Mercury"THE SHOOTING STAR"

Freddie Mercury: Asteroid named after Queen frontman to mark 70th birthday

'Floating around in ecstasy' for millennia to come

The 3.5 kilometre-wide asteroid sits in the main Asteroid Belt, between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.
Astrologist and director of the Southwest Research Institute in Colorado, Joel Parker, issued the certificate of designation.
"Freddie Mercury sang, 'I'm a shooting star leaping through the sky' — and now that is even more true than ever before," he said.
"But even if you can't see Freddie Mercury leaping through the sky, you can be sure he's there — 'floating around in ecstasy', as he might sing — for millennia to come."
Mercury is far from the first to have an asteroid named after him — Dr May already does (52665 Brianmay), as do Sigmund Freud (4342 Freud), Buddy Holly (16155 Buddy) and Don Bradman (2472 Bradman).
Mercury released more than a dozen albums with Queen between 1973 and 1991 and wrote numerous hits including Bohemian Rhapsody and We Are the Champions — and Don't Stop Me Now, the song in which he refers to himself as a shooting star.


The fire of the stars burn and passes.

 Impregnating the limits of the universe
 With their lights full of space and time.
 Then follows to the eternity
 igniting other stars
 making our pretentious importance
 and the greatness of humanity
 an irrelevant point of their journey
 insignificant witness of the symbols of eternity.
In the center of my silence
deeper ocean of my soul
I leave without knowing my name,
Forgetting the words
Forgetting myself
wishing to be free
through my voluntary acceptance
of the beauty of the day
of the present time,
Like a shooting star

Javier Miro and Pablo Coronel


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Thursday, 25 August 2016



For some reason, Jack felt that this was a special night, a cold night but starry night. He began his routine sooner than later in the hope of finding some exciting encounter.

He turns from the little line, crossed ' the elegant Elizabeth Avenue pretending to be one of those runners with sports clothing, and in a few seconds, he was immersed in the dense foliage of the greenery of Hyde Park immediately enjoying the security and confidence that gave to his low instincts; the dense urban jungle.

In his right hand in a plastic bag he kept the essential equipment to consummate his felony, the essential long raincoat, which contains lubricant and a box of tissues in the right pocket
Established by carefully choosing a place to hide beyond the birches in the corner of the philodendrons (his favorite plants), the plants that provides with their broad leaves the perfect shelter and privacy.
Suddenly Jack disrobed quickly feeling the cold of the night in their buttocks and the eagerness of being completely naked, keeping the sports clothes in the plastic bag.

Jack’s heart began beating rapidly as he felt the waterproof fabric on his skin, at the same time developed an agitated breath, the adrenaline permeated every part of his body and the libid hormones secreted due to the anticipation began to affect his insignificant penis causing a semi-erection.

The frustration produced by the dark silence waiting for the pray has been quickly interrupted by the early exhilarate sound of the steps of female high-heels, along with some high pitch voices and giggles. This new atmosphere triggered in Jack (with sudden force), the most desired effect.

Lowering carefully one of the leaves of philodendron Jack saw with amusement not one or two, but a group of 10 or 11 young ladies. The grateful surprise produced in his mind, strong images corresponding to wild fantasies, anticipating the shock, and the screams released hysterically from the panic released by the female audience.

It didn’t take long, he could not restrain himself anymore from performing his pathetic act.
 In a flash, he jumped ' from a stone that separated the path of the lush vegetation, and in a fraction of a second exposing himself in the middle of the pedestrian path.

Opening shamelessly his raincoat exposing his disgusting genitalia, noted with astonishment and annoyance that the girls continue their walk completely unnaware of his act.

 Then they separated in groups of two or three, taking different paths and exclaiming with cruel indifference: over there!  over here '!... pointing to random empty spaces as if they were in a trance or in a mind-blowing experience, or to describe it more precisely as if they were before the presence of ghosts.

"Completely frustrated and unable of maintaining the "momentum"; Jack proceeded to change back to his sports equipment and mixed with a group of runners and run strenuously in the direction of the lights of the Avenue, while he looked in dismay other groups of young people walking like ' zombies ' across various corners of the Park.


"" It was the night of the 15 of July 2016, date that would be remembered in the future as the day of the launch of the "Pokemon Go"

written by JAVIER MIRO


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