Thursday, 25 August 2016



For some reason, Jack felt that this was a special night, a cold night but starry night. He began his routine sooner than later in the hope of finding some exciting encounter.

He turns from the little line, crossed ' the elegant Elizabeth Avenue pretending to be one of those runners with sports clothing, and in a few seconds, he was immersed in the dense foliage of the greenery of Hyde Park immediately enjoying the security and confidence that gave to his low instincts; the dense urban jungle.

In his right hand in a plastic bag he kept the essential equipment to consummate his felony, the essential long raincoat, which contains lubricant and a box of tissues in the right pocket
Established by carefully choosing a place to hide beyond the birches in the corner of the philodendrons (his favorite plants), the plants that provides with their broad leaves the perfect shelter and privacy.
Suddenly Jack disrobed quickly feeling the cold of the night in their buttocks and the eagerness of being completely naked, keeping the sports clothes in the plastic bag.

Jack’s heart began beating rapidly as he felt the waterproof fabric on his skin, at the same time developed an agitated breath, the adrenaline permeated every part of his body and the libid hormones secreted due to the anticipation began to affect his insignificant penis causing a semi-erection.

The frustration produced by the dark silence waiting for the pray has been quickly interrupted by the early exhilarate sound of the steps of female high-heels, along with some high pitch voices and giggles. This new atmosphere triggered in Jack (with sudden force), the most desired effect.

Lowering carefully one of the leaves of philodendron Jack saw with amusement not one or two, but a group of 10 or 11 young ladies. The grateful surprise produced in his mind, strong images corresponding to wild fantasies, anticipating the shock, and the screams released hysterically from the panic released by the female audience.

It didn’t take long, he could not restrain himself anymore from performing his pathetic act.
 In a flash, he jumped ' from a stone that separated the path of the lush vegetation, and in a fraction of a second exposing himself in the middle of the pedestrian path.

Opening shamelessly his raincoat exposing his disgusting genitalia, noted with astonishment and annoyance that the girls continue their walk completely unnaware of his act.

 Then they separated in groups of two or three, taking different paths and exclaiming with cruel indifference: over there!  over here '!... pointing to random empty spaces as if they were in a trance or in a mind-blowing experience, or to describe it more precisely as if they were before the presence of ghosts.

"Completely frustrated and unable of maintaining the "momentum"; Jack proceeded to change back to his sports equipment and mixed with a group of runners and run strenuously in the direction of the lights of the Avenue, while he looked in dismay other groups of young people walking like ' zombies ' across various corners of the Park.


"" It was the night of the 15 of July 2016, date that would be remembered in the future as the day of the launch of the "Pokemon Go"

written by JAVIER MIRO


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