Monday, 30 December 2019


"This is not normal

Thoughts and prayers are not enough. 

Now more than ever our leaders must step up! 

We must organise, we must fight for real action on climate change. 

Our future depends on it!"



This season’s bush fires in eastern Australia have killed eight people and destroyed more than 820 homes in New South Wales.

The scale of the area burned by the fires is immense, with at least 3.65m hectares burned or currently burning in NSW and Queensland, based on the most recent figures available. (Significant areas that have burned in other states are not included in this data.)

Bush fires have accounted for over 800 deaths in Australia since 1851 and the total accumulated cost is estimated at $1.6 billion.

This year the figures are reaching 2,180 Buildings destroyed: ‎> 2,180 and more than six fatalities

Contemplating this inferno , how do you feel about the Australian government spending billions in military operations overseas

Spending billions killing people in other countries to please United States of America.

Killing people to please a President under impeachment who declare economic war to our principal economic partner.

A President who declare economic war to China but at the same time close a deal with them for 50 billion dollars in agricultural commodities.

50 billion less for our farmers to penetrate to Chinese markets

We are spending billions to fight a war for our economic competitors that closing deals with our main partner on our expenses .

Wouldn’t make sense to start thinking/proposing the possibility to finally start bringing our troops home. Save billions of dollars in a nonsense war and put the defense force to serve our people who suffering the worst attack and treat in the last years.

Wouldn’t make sense to use their resources , capability and expertise to fight the worst terrorist enemy in humanity “The climate change and their catastrophic consequences”.

Wouldn’t be great to see our defense forces spraying water from their planes. Helping to bring water to remote places, digging channels , planting trees ,fighting the fires hand to hand with the firefighters.

Of course we are not going to see this initiative coming from the bastards holidaying in Miami, leaving the market and the invisible hand taking care of our natural disasters, showing off with pride some financial figures of virtual surplus when the gap between the poor and the rich is reaching third word indicators

Personally I am loosing my hope in the old farts of the Labour party terrified of losing 1 or 2 points in the polls , in capable of taking the challenge of leadership in the way the great figures we had in the party.

My only question is why you are not taking the risk and lead this country to show a direction that will allow us to leave being in the one of the last positions in the ladder of the environment poor performers and reformulate the country and re position in the role of leading the nations in all this matters.

Yours sincerely