Monday, 5 September 2016

Freddie Mercury"THE SHOOTING STAR"

Freddie Mercury: Asteroid named after Queen frontman to mark 70th birthday

'Floating around in ecstasy' for millennia to come

The 3.5 kilometre-wide asteroid sits in the main Asteroid Belt, between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.
Astrologist and director of the Southwest Research Institute in Colorado, Joel Parker, issued the certificate of designation.
"Freddie Mercury sang, 'I'm a shooting star leaping through the sky' — and now that is even more true than ever before," he said.
"But even if you can't see Freddie Mercury leaping through the sky, you can be sure he's there — 'floating around in ecstasy', as he might sing — for millennia to come."
Mercury is far from the first to have an asteroid named after him — Dr May already does (52665 Brianmay), as do Sigmund Freud (4342 Freud), Buddy Holly (16155 Buddy) and Don Bradman (2472 Bradman).
Mercury released more than a dozen albums with Queen between 1973 and 1991 and wrote numerous hits including Bohemian Rhapsody and We Are the Champions — and Don't Stop Me Now, the song in which he refers to himself as a shooting star.


The fire of the stars burn and passes.

 Impregnating the limits of the universe
 With their lights full of space and time.
 Then follows to the eternity
 igniting other stars
 making our pretentious importance
 and the greatness of humanity
 an irrelevant point of their journey
 insignificant witness of the symbols of eternity.
In the center of my silence
deeper ocean of my soul
I leave without knowing my name,
Forgetting the words
Forgetting myself
wishing to be free
through my voluntary acceptance
of the beauty of the day
of the present time,
Like a shooting star

Javier Miro and Pablo Coronel


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