Wednesday, 6 November 2019



Thinking of you... knowing my foolishness  will be exhausted when…
I touch you , measuring proportions of your nudity.

Following your scent …

looking for acceptance in your sighs

 I see you
Pouring dewdrops of enjoyment while …
Your eyes concentrates the  integrations of the light into your glass.

Tempting you... To perceive the lofty brilliance of your incandescent soul.

Slowly leading you towards the mystery of the zenit,  and delirium while...

the silence of my iris grows astonished in disbelief, under the spell of your magnificent splendour
of your urgent pleasure.

I fail without greed to the minimal expression of my selfishness.

To know you... trembling your inevitable thirst

Being humble witness of the sunset in your fragrance from …
the primitive intimate glimpses of your body.

Looking for you hopelessly in the imperceptible details that...

exponentially exaggerated by your absence, 

 today they subjugate me.


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