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"THE IMAGINARY WINDOW" Short Story Today special guest : Nicole Miro


Short Story Today special guest : Nicole Miro

1st. Award (Short Story) contest literary “Mares del Sur”Nicole Miró (17 years), Menai, NSW, Australia, presented under the pseudonym Lucy.Nov 2017

In the Midnight heaven's burning
                  Through the ethereal deeps afar  
                  Once I watch'd with restless yearning
                  An alluring aureate star;        
                  Ev'ry eve aloft returning        
                  Gleaming nigh the Arctic Car.

One day consists of eighty-six thousand and four hundred seconds. Each one containing countless options, decisions, and possibilities. Yet my days were spent so differently than grasping every moment and enjoying every second. For the last year, my world has consisted of being hooked up to machines that suffuse rays or tubes that infuse liquids into every conceivable cavity. As monitored and drugged patients  we have relinquished our professional status and personal identities as we are no longer the people we were when we entered. Staying in basic white rooms with the so-called privacy curtain which fails to protect us , neighbours who reveal the inner details, which were meant only for our doctorsears. The worst aspect of all of this, is having to be so dependent on everyone else, especially since my eye surgery two months ago. Day in and day out my life is no longer mine. The deep darkness of my mind and sight must rely on my trembling hands to find the food that I must digest.

“Mimi, are you wake my young friend?” Mr. Josh Stone said with is deep croaky voice that had a slight tint of an English accent. Mr. Stone has been my roommate for the past month and a half, although I have never seen what he looks like, I know I could identify him from a crowd of people. It’s strange how you can recognize someone from their insignificant noises. For instance the tapping of his walking stick or the fact that he had an irregular breathing pattern (I don't know, it always seemed faster that it should be). The chattering of his teeth every time he was sunken deep into his thoughts or the slight whistle of his nose as he drifted off to the world of the un-conscience.

“Hey, Mr. Stone,” I said.

“yeah I'm awake, I'm so very sad that your leaving before I get my bandagers removed from my eyes,”

“I just wanted to say that I will forever be thank full to your kind heart and if all goes well I shall see you at my wedding this fall yes?”

“but before you leave will you tell me one more time what’s outside the window?” I pleaded.

“oh, you so very kind” he replied

 “I shall hopefully see you then, and of course dear friend, it will be my pleasure, soon you will get to see much more than a window, because soon the world will be your window,”. Mr. Stone, Answered

Mr. Stone, was quite lucky you see, as he had the bed right next to this beautiful window that looked straight on to the park. Every afternoon in the most intricate details he would spend telling me about the crazy world, that unfolded right before his eyes in this beautiful park. He illustrated how the ducks and swans played on the water while children sailed their model boats. He would describe the young lovers that walked arm in arm through the amidst of flowers that came in every colour and of the  fine view of the city skyline which could be seen in the distance. As Mr. Stone described all this in exquisite details, I would on the other side of the room  imagine this picturesque scene.

ahem, okay Mimi, the rays of sun propel off the shimmering water, as children fetch their overthrown balls, slightly quivering from the dense cold water that the swans are bathing in. The children's boats sail far as they are pushed with the beautiful southerly wind and the anxious mothers yell at their eager children to be-careful. But todays there is something different, there is a parade, women and men dressed in white and red suits, playing the obnoxious instruments of trumpets and horn. The cords flow with exciting beats, right in the middle is a man and a woman holding each other so tightly. Their eyes are so infatuated, they bring themselves closer to each other, their plumed lips touch, as the crazy atmosphere surrounds their one moment. It is a joyful day as you can see the laughter and tears of happiness in the eyes of all those involved. Quite magical in fact.”

Lost in thoughts of the spectacular event unfolding, I could barely hear the tapping noise of Mr. Stones walking stick, finally leaving to embark on his way home. There was no need for goodbyes as deep down we knew that in that very moment we shared our own good bye, silent but beautiful.

Soon after, my door unlocked and the muttering of words that I couldn’t quite compute began to surround me. It was time!

“Hello Mimi, how are you feeling? everything feels alright, nothing worrying you?” Doctor Davidson inquired.

“All is well,” I mumbled with sheer excitement and trembling hands.

“Well then let’s not waste time and let’s take your bandages off “Davidson replied. The process began, each layer of bandage making my heart beat faster, and my hands tremble more intensely the suspense was killing me.

The obliqueness of nothingness soon came to an end, and there was the light, It made my eyes burn in pain, but they soon began to adjust to the light and the blurriness, I could finally see! I turned to Mr. Stone’s bed and ran to the wall in hopes that the parade was still there. But there was no window.
“Excuse me nurse, what happened to the window, Mr. Stones window?” I questioned, confusingly.
“What are you talking about, he never had a window?” she replied.

“But he uses to tell me about the park in the window, and the parade, and all the couples that were in love, and all the Children with their sail boats?” I explained as my heart was sinking to the bottom of my stomach

“I’m sorry Mimi but even if there was a window, Mr Stone was blind, didn't you know?”  the nurse answered.

How could it be? He was blind? My mind was so confused but in my heart, I knew, all those stories beyond this wall, were true in the midst of our imagination and it was far more beautiful than anything I had ever seen with my own eyes.

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