Monday, 28 November 2016



Warned by Elves about the existence of a place of infinite beauty, I left, the path to my work without any sense of guilt. It gave me a melancholic joy seeing that Bus approaching the Stop. The same bus that took me to the beach thirty something years ago, that beach, my beach, the one of eternal summers.
Once in the Bus I was assaulted by the uncomfortable feeling of being the only passenger on. From the window, I could see my briefcase and my suit carelessly abandoned at the mercy of the wind.
A long Lonesome road took me by lagoons and swamps beyond the expected landscape and I felt the uncertainty of being lost in a mysterious world.  I was convinced that could not return from this journey and that for some unknown reason my life would not be the same.
Suddenly I find myself in the middle of the darkness of the night, the screech of brakes and the sound of the back door opened put me on alert, the driver in a bad mode announced that this was the last stop of the last bus of the day.
When I left the bus, despite walking by the most absolute darkness immediately I recognized the place, the cold sand on my feet, the immense black dunes in front of me and the sound of the sea were sufficient Guide to tell me the direction to follow.
When I reached the top of the dunes all became clear, a few white lines were distinguished between the darkness of the ocean, those waves of course were very familiar, it was my Old Town.
A lonely wooden beach house, displayed by the only window, colours of different flashing lights. The room was dark the lights from the window coming from a screen projection
As a flashlight impulse, I find myself transported inside the house where they were projecting a movie. Like an improvised amateur Cinema in which had a screen against the wall and a lot of chairs occupied except for one in the third row. I sit down and try to concentrate on the film showing Bruce Willis playing a young detective.
Sitting in the front I could identify Gustav, a great friend lost in time for 20 years, before joy and greetings others were turned, there were Claudia, Elizabeth, Ale and ‘El Gallo”. Not being able to contain my joy I start jumping chairs and hug them then I distinguish some more friends of those unforgettable summers.
Then someone taps my shoulder from behind and tells me: "man can you sit down, and lets us watch the movie in peace", that was Daniel was another lifelong friend. 

Suddenly, the film ends and a beard old man announces that a disaster of global magnitude has occurred and this small sector of the planet is the only non-affected area and because of the tragic events we were the only survivors

Far from the panic following the horrific news or the overwhelming feeling of sadness, the tragedy triggered a strange inner energy. In a matter of seconds we were absorbed by the intensity of the colour lights “disco style”.

At that time the song "Get Ready" of Rare Earth begun to play loudly trough the speakers and got us hysterically surrendered to the dance regardless of anything. 

Perhaps the consolation of at least all being together as in those golden days, made us react that way and forget the magnitude of the tragedy



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